Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Do you believe in magic?

If you don’t, then you’d better not believe your eyes while you’re looking at me, because I am magic personified. I wasn’t born on Earth, and therefore the laws of physics, chemistry and biology don’t apply to me. I don’t play by the rules created by your scientists.

I have some otherworldly powers… And I’m powerful because, not in spite, of being a woman.

Photo by Azfar Nazir

I’m the daughter of Aphrodite and Lucifer, and I’m everything you’d expect me to be. The dark wilderness of nature is my home.

My touch can take people to Heaven, before a sudden plunge to Hell… And my eyes can set anything on fire.

I’m able to reach inside people’s chest and take hold of their heart with my bare hands and squeeze it until they’re in horrible pain. I can squeeze it until they die or until I decide to have mercy on them. But I can make a man drop on his knees even without touching him with one finger, if I want to.

Yes, I can do anything I want! But I’ve never done any of it. I’ve been terrified of the magnitude of my own powers all my life. And I’ve been too afraid of hurting or injuring someone. And I’ve also been afraid of all the other possible consequences of using my powers…

I inherited my Mom’s beauty and my Dad’s sense of humour, which means I’m the most dangerous entity in this Universe. And I’m so afraid I’ll disappoint my parents… They had very high hopes for me, and they wouldn’t be proud if they knew my heart has been broken by a mere mortal…

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