Who Am I?

My lips are red as blood and my skin has a deadly hue,

There’s a spring in my step as I walk all over you.

There are flames embracing me everywhere I go,

Your eyes look up at me but I’m from down below.

My heart beats one each time a man hurts another,

Because that’s how a new soul is dragged into my world.

I torture you during the day and you can’t escape to sleep,

I give you constant nightmares and you still hope for a dream.

My evil laughter moves mountains and it stirs up the ocean

And my angry cries are answered by furious thunders.

You do as I say and so does the rest of the world;

I can paint the Moon black and make the Sun shiver.

Take one last look at the sky before you lose your freedom;

You’ll never see it again, but you’ll always be warm.

My touch will imprison you and my kiss will seal your fate.

You keep talking about love, but I only know how to hate.

Step into my world and smell my sulphur perfume.

Look deep into my eyes so you can see your own tomb.

Lean closer so I can whisper your worst fears in your ear.

Don’t even try to escape now; the door has disappeared.

And the question is, do you know who I am?

Would you rather not know, or do you want to guess?

I wonder why you’re feeling so powerless…

If there is a Devil, she must have the face of a goddess.


  1. Mark

    I love your style. You are the darkness burning fire. Temptress of Lucifer, I implore thee to ignite the fires within me.



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