This Must Be What Pain Feels Like

Why am I in so much pain right now? I’ve been told I was born for love…

I shouldn’t ever have had to understand what pain felt like!

The walls of flame are slowly closing in all around me… Are they shutting me in or out?

I was brought up in the gentle warmth of Hell. Yes, I grew up surrounded by tender flames that protected me from the world and the world from me.

Now that I know what pain is, I have two choices: I shall either never inflict it on anyone else, or I shall hurl it at the unfortunate with all my strength, accompanied by the most wicked laughter the world has ever heard!

This may have been the dilemma Pandora grappled with… And the same problem may have troubled Eve, the moment she realised she was naked, having discovered her own vulnerability, and therefore that of others.

But I don’t need a box or a snake… My nature is my danger!

It would be so tragic to never be able to explore the full extent of my powers… Eve’s children couldn’t resist this temptation either…

Photo by Azfar Nazir

When I wanted to use my powers for the very first time in my life to capture the man I desired, I found myself lying on the ground, in the dirt, at his feet, at his mercy…

For the first time in my life, I felt weak and helpless. For the first time in my life, I felt human.

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