Take Me Home!

You read that right! You can now take me home, if you want to…

Well, to be precise: you can take a beautiful print of a dark and sensual picture of me home. All prints come signed and lipstick-kissed by yours truly!

I have just launched my official online shop. The below images (photographed by Azfar Nazir) are currently available to order as either 4” x 6” or 6” x 9” prints:

Look deep into my eyes… Can you see your tomb?
There’s a fire burning in my eyes because I have seen Hell
Your eyes look up at me, but I’m from down below
I’m the daughter of Aphrodite and Lucifer, and I’m everything you’d expect me to be

There’s also an option to order a signed copy of my poetry collection “The Dying Femme Fatale”, accompanied by a special limited-edition print:

Signed copy of “The Dying Femme Fatale” + signed print

More options are to be added soon! In the meantime, I’m open to accepting custom requests for prints of pictures not listed here. I can also include a personalised message or a separate sheet of handwritten poetry along with orders.

Please check out my shop and contact me if you have any questions.

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