When You Break the Heart of a Femme Fatale

I’m not just a goddess

But an entire religion,

Walking on two perfect legs;

A physical manifestation

Of the infinite beauty of the Universe

With the face of the true Creator.

When I touch your hand,

You feel the grip of death

On your skin

And around your neck,

And only my deceivingly gentle kiss

Will make you forget the burning pain

That I caused in the first place.

When you worship me,

You worship every woman,

For they all deserve to be worshipped –

Even the ones that have forgotten

Or refuse to recognise

The true nature of their power;

Even those girls wishing to be less than they are.

And when you don’t treat a deadly woman right,

You make Botticelli’s Venus and Moreau’s Salome cry,

And you’ll keep hearing the weeping of Delilah

Until the minute you die,

Depriving you of a single moment of sanity and peace mind…

When you break the heart of a Femme Fatale.

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