The Other Side of the Canvas

I’m the flame that fires up your heart;

I’m the light by which you paint and write,

And which keeps you awake all night.

I’m reflected in your tears and heard in your cries;

I’m more than merely an inspiration;

I give your life a meaning and your work a flavour.

No piece of art could exist without me;

I’m the one guiding your brush and your pen,

And you can’t strum a chord without feeling

My fingers softly caressing your hands.

I’m the one pulling and bending your strings,

While others admire your talents.

I’m immortal;

I live on in your paint, your words and your melodies.

I’m inseparable from your work;

I’m the Sun whose warmth melts your frozen memories,

When strangers get lost in your world

All through the centuries.

Featured image: ‘Camden Town Venus’ by Nicolas Granger-Taylor (work-in-progress)

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