Welcome to the Temple of Aphrodite

Get on your knees,

Whisper words of worship,

As you’re approaching

The temple of Aphrodite.

Woman’s body is a temple. Every time man enters this sacred place, he performs a ritual of Nature worship. The sexual intercourse is the obscure, anxiety-ridden gateway between Nature and culture.

Beware of entering this gloomy dimension in a haste! While you’re floating there, nothing is quite what it seems. It’s difficult to think straight when you’re being haunted by visions of both Heaven and Hell.

I’m planning to publish a new video on YouTube each week from now on. Most of these will be video essays celebrating the beautiful differences between femininity and masculinity through an exploration of human nature, biology and evolutionary psychology. I’m also hoping to record a new song that fits in with this theme each month.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss any updates!

If you like what I do, you can support my work by downloading this song as a high quality mp3 for the price of a coffee.


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