Greta’s Lab – My New Science and Psychology Vlog

I have always been fascinated by the mysterious contrasts between femininity and masculinity. I have started my YouTube channel to celebrate all the beautiful differences between the genders.

In the past couple of years, I have dedicated all my creative work to celebrating femininity and masculinity.

Even though we are different, we are not opposites, so I really don’t like to term “opposite sex”. Rather, femininity and masculinity complement one another like the ocean complements the land, forming an exquisite unity.

Greta’s Lab is my new video blog, where I explore human biology and psychology in dark and philosophical ways. The first two episodes are now live! The first one is about sex hormones, and the second one is an introduction to male and female psychology.

Greta’s Lab is my new science vlog!

Please check out my videos and let me know your thoughts! If you like what I do, you can buy me a coffee to show your support.

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